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Unique, Different Purposes Direct Dyes Manufacturer & Exporter in India

Direct Dyes Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier in India
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Direct Dyes in India 

Direct Dyes India

Direct Black 22

Direct Dyes Supplier in  INdia

Our Direct black 22 product have excellent leveling property and are very user-friendly. They are skin –friendly and can be used a variety of types of fabric due to its ability of being completely absorbed into the fabric. We formulate them precisely using finest grade of intermediates in accordance to the standards set by the industry. They are pure and affordable

Direct Dyes

Direct Black 80

Direct Black 80, Direct dyes manufracturer

We compose our Direct black 80 in conformity to the norms of the industry utilizing the best quality raw-materials and intermediates. Hence they are pure and accurate. They offer excellent dyeing quality and have admirable light fastness. They are precisely Ph balanced and are available with us at very reasonable prices.

Direct Dyes Manufacturer

Direct Blue 218 Dyes

Direct Blue 218, Exporter of direct dyes

Our Direct blue 218 dyes are very brilliant and perfect for the fabrics dying purpose mainly cotton, leather, paper, wood and nylon. This dye is also used as biological stain and pH indicator in the testing laboratories. We formulate them from the best raw-materials and process them utilizing the latest technology of the market as per the industrial norms.

Direct Dyes Exporter

Direct Blue 7 Dyes

Direct Blue 7 , India of direct dyes manufacturer

These dyes are eco-friendly as well as have excellent stability to light and heat. They are formulated with accurate Ph and are absolutely wash-fast. They are very effective for dyeing and as stain and have a long shelf life. Our Direct blue 7 dyes are safe, have high solubility in water and very reasonably priced as well.

Direct Dyes Supplier

Direct Blue 35 Dyes

Direct Blue 35

Our Direct blue 35 dyes are formulated with supreme grade raw-material as per the norms of the industry. They are completely free from impurities and are very efficient for dyeing fabrics and offer deep & vibrant color with excellent colorfastness. They are accurately Ph balanced and are very safe. We offer them at market leading rates.

Direct Dyes in India
Direct Sky Blue FF Dye
Direct Sky Blue FF

Our Direct sky blue FF dye is widely used in the textile industries because of its color vibrancy and intensity as well as easy absorbency by several kinds of fabrics. They offer admirable color fastness. These dyes are cost-efficient and have a good life span. They are pure and have precise composition in compliance to the industrial standards.

Direct Dyes Manufacturer in India