Frequently Asked Questions


What is direct dye?

Direct dye are the easily water soluble color item for the most part of the azo class that is utilized in basic arrangement particularly for coloring cellulosic material for the fabrics like cotton, wool, paper and leathers etc.

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Which is the best firm for buying direct & acid dyes in Ahmedabad?

We “Matrix Pharma Chem” is one of the trusted firm running from the year 1988 and providing the ISO quality certified direct dyes and acid dyes to the customers. So not only up to the clients of Ahmedabad, but also we are largely able to supply to the all Indian cities.

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Acid dyes are toxin in nature?

This acid dyes are toxin free that is free from harmful sources as it is the kind of synthetic type of dyes which is completely eco friendly in nature.

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Is direct dyes are very pricey?

The answer is vice-versa with the question that really these direct dyes are available in very cheap price and especially our firm is providing them at wholesale price range for the bulk orders.

Is this direct dyes and acid dyes are only for the clients of India?

Our supply of this dyes are avails to the tremendous numbers of India’s clients and as well we also covers the many international customers who are looking for the better & pure quality of direct and acid dyes.

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