Direct Dyes Manufacturer In USA

Our Company, we are a top assembling organization for direct colors in India, our provisions are available universally. Our wide scope of direct dyes items are gigantically requested in the states of U.S.A, for example, California, Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey and New York because of their quality and unwavering quality. These dyes are profoundly applied in the Matrix Pharma Chem due to their features such as excellent brilliance, colorfastness, wash quickness, non-poisonousness, uniform coloring impact, uniform dyeing effect, and permanence etc. We see the developing needs of our business and undertaking customers to lessen inertness and expansion general undaunted quality, assembled arrangement and system.

Consequently the parts of U.S.A, for example, New Hampshire, North Carolina, West Virginia, Nevada, Montana and Tex as prefer our products and items and import them all the time. We keep up the nature of our items just as their value rates.

We, Matrix Pharma Chem are the Manufacturers , Suppliers and Exporters of Food Colour, Synthetic Food Colour, Lake Indigo Carmine, Solvent Dyes, Aluminium Lake Colours,  Acid Blue Color,  Cosmetic Pigments,  Brilliant Blue Color, Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes in USA.


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